Floor Mat

Chair Mat

A practical, durable and clear vinyl mat promotes effortless mobility and optimum floor and carpet protection.


Indoor‑ Desks & reception areas, computer rooms, work stations.


  • Exclusive "notched studs" are comfortable on carpet and hold mat in place.

  • Rounded corners and baveled edges make that "hard to fit" application quite accommodating.

  • Functional, light pebbled surface resists wear and preserves the mobility factor.

  • Resistant to common fluids and chemicals.

  • For use over 211 carpet surfaces.

Size: 36" x 48", 45"x 53", 48"x 60"

Safewalk Mat

Provide safety,Reduce accidents,increase performance


 Kitchens, bar counter floors, industrial work stations, dishwashing areas, packing area, assembly lines.
Aread subject to liquids, fats, grease, oil, long hour standing, chemicals etc.


  • Raised ribs on the surface greatly reduce chance of slip or falls.

  • Beveled edges on all sides are molded directly into the mat for safely and easy cart access.

  • Large cylindrical holes and raised bottom allow spills to pass through and be washed away.

  • Provides cushion support(Antifatigue) for long hour standing at work stations.

  • It has 1/2" thick high quality, non marking, non tracking rubber.



Standard size: 3' x 5' x 1/2" thick.

Available in 

Black and Red

Rubber Stud Mat

  and Rubber Rib Mat(Switch board mat)

  Rubber Stud Mat

Size: Roll form 
1.2m x 10m x 4.5mm(thick)
2' x 2' x 4.5mm(thick)[standard size]
Colour : Black

    Rubber Rib Mat(Switch board mat)

Size: 1.2m x 10m x 3mm(thick)    and   1.2m x 10m x10mm(thick)



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