Floor Mat


The all-weather mat


Coilmat is uniquely designed to trap dirt and duct concealing them below the surface thus keeping the surface clean and attractive at all times. PVC Coilmat is simple and easy to maintain; just flush with water for through cleaning of mat.

Size Available:  3'0", 4'0"; Width (length optional)
Colours:  Red, Blue, Brown, Grey and Green
Common Usage:

Building entrances, Lobby, Factories and Passageway.

Tough Rib

Dedicated to trap duct and sand

With UV stabilizers, it is functional both indoors and outdoors. Unique supporting system for the ribs resists crushing. 'Dirt barrier' rib deflect and trap traffic dirt into channels is below the surface of the mat. These mats have excellent water absorption ability complete with built‑in dirt concealing characteristics. Friction surface ensures the strong brushing action required to remove dirt and moisture. Easy cleaning procedures ‑ vacuum, sweep or hose down.


2'3',3'x4',3'x5' & 4'x 6' (Standard Size)

3'0" & 4'0" width (rollform)


Red, Grey, Brown, Blue.. Block & Green

Common Usage:

Building Entrances, Toilet Entrances Lobby Areas

Trigrip Corporate Mat

TRIGRIP Deep‑Dye logo mats are a perfect way to project a positive image while protecting your floors and interiors from damaging dirt and moisture

Quality Construction


Special Deep Dye process insures maximum dye penetration into the carpet pile.


Heavy, Ultra Twist‑ nylon face pile is extremely durable and highly absorbent.


Clean, clear printed reproduction of logos.

D Special TriGrip cleated rubber backing stops movement on most carpet and increases non‑skid on hard surfaces.

Outstanding colorfastness.

Size available

2'X 3' & 3' X 5
3' X 4, 4' X 6' & 4' X 10'


Grey, Blue, Red, Brown & Hunter Green

Common Usage:

Carpeted Floor Entrances



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